Hurricane Track

Hurricane Elena in 1985

Hurricane Elena was a major hurricane in 1985 with a track in the Gulf that took a full loop before landfall.

Ready Alabama Talks Storm Preparedness

While Tropical Depression 9 may not be a major threat to our area it is a reminder it be ready. Ashley Tiedt, a spokesman for the Ready Alab…

Hurricane Danny Flooding

Hurricane Danny in 1997

Hurricane Danny in 1997 was a slow-moving Category 1 hurricane that left 2 to 3 feet of rain; storm tides of 5 to 6 feet; and it pushed wate…

Words we hear in hurricane season.

Tropical Weather Words

Do you know the difference between a tropical depression and a tropical disturbance? Have you ever heard of an “invest”?

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready is special program for hurricane season to get you and your family prepared.