Ready Alabama Talks Storm Preparedness

While Tropical Depression 9 may not be a major threat to our area it is a reminder it be ready. Ashley Tiedt, a spokesman for the Ready Alab…

Louisiana Struggles Against Floodwaters

  A state of emergency remains in effect in Louisiana as the state tries to dry out from record flooding. One town that is hard hit is Ponch…

Hurricane Danny Flooding

Hurricane Danny in 1997

Hurricane Danny in 1997 was a slow-moving Category 1 hurricane that left 2 to 3 feet of rain; storm tides of 5 to 6 feet; and it pushed wate…

Golf Course Lightning Safety

Technology has proven to make golf safer when it comes to lightning in protecting and warning players of incoming dangerous weather.

Fireworks vs Weather

Fireworks vs. Weather

Weather has an impact on fireworks and fireworks can impact weather and people.