Ozone Alert Day

Ozone Alert Day for Tuesday

Air quality will lower on Tuesday from ozone near the ground. People with breathing issues, as well as children, should take it easy.

Alabama Getting Hurricane Ready

The state of Alabama is using the week to prepare for hurricanes. Several agencies from around the state worked together to save simulated l…

Rain Amounts on April 30

Rain Totals Make a Wet End to April

With the long periods of rain and downpours from thunderstorms, much of the News 5 area saw 1 to 3 inches of rain for the last day of April,…

Dark Clouds Look Scary Over Lillian

Dark clouds make a scary sight over Lillian, AL Saturday. A few showers and thunderstorms a were able to pop-up late Saturday morning. Ricky…

Largest Asteroid Flyby in Years

2014 J205 or otherwise known as “the rock” is the largest asteroid to pass by Earth in about 13 years.