Floridians Hit the Road to Outrun Irma

Rest stops have become impromptu RV Parks as more than five and a half million Floridians have been asked to evacuate from their homes in So…

Miami Homeless Removed Against Their Will

Miami social workers and police are giving the homeless a stark choice: either come willingly to a shelter or be held against their will for…

jose satellite

Jose Approaching Leeward Islands

Hurricane Jose is a major hurricane that is on a path that may impact some of the islands hit by Hurricane Irma

Katia Landfall

Katia Now Remnants

Hurricane Katia has moved inland in Mexico. Winds will slowly diminish but flooding rains are possible.

Hurricane Irma Powerful Category 4

Hurricane Irma battered the Turks and Caicos Islands early Friday as the Category 5 storm continued a rampage through the Caribbean that has…