Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready is special program for hurricane season to get you and your family prepared.

Hurricane Opal Satellite

Hurricane Opal in 1995

Hurricane Opal hit the Florida Panhandle in October of 1995, as the third most-costly hurricane in US history, at that time.

Hurricane Georges Flooding in 1998

Hurricane Georges in 1998

Hurricane Georges in 1998 left flooding rainfall totals of 1 to 3 feet. It made landfall near Biloxi as a category 2 before rapidly weakenin…


Lightning is Striking, 3-part Series

The Gulf Coast is home to frequent thunderstorms and that means a lot of lightning strikes. Separate fact from myth and learn lightning safe…

solar flare

Astronomy is Space Weather

Meteorologists study the atmosphere on Earth. You might think from the title meteorology that a meteorologist would study meteors. They do… …

weather balloon launch

Weather Balloon Launch to Capture Data

This is the story of a man and a balloon. My name is Jim Salzwedel and I’m a Hydrometeorological Technician Jim is preparing to launch a wea…

woods fire

Woods Fires, Wildfires and Weather

Wildfire is any large fire that gets out of control over a large area. You might think of it as something that only happens in the wildernes…

hole punch cloud

Hole Punch Clouds Look a Little Strange

Hole Punch Clouds are simply high clouds that look like somebody punched a hole in them. The name is not scientific and sometimes you hear i…

3 trucks in a row

Summer Heat Danger in Vehicles

This story aired in July of 2011…. The July sun is high in the sky and days are long. No wonder it’s a hot month. My summer weather interns …


Rainbows, Haloes, and Sun Dogs Above

Beauty in the sky is splashes of colors and arcs of light as rainbows, halos, and sundogs. How do they happen? When light passes from air in…

roadway mirage

Puddle on a Hot Road Mirage

You’re driving down the road on a hot day. In the distance you see a puddle, only when you get to that point in the road, the pavement is dr…

red-tinted clouds

Weather Photography is Art and Science

If you’ve seen the weather photos we put on TV then you know half the trick of a good picture is simply watching the sky and being at the ri…

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