Tomato Pie

Chef Sean McLaughlin with Creative Catering shares his take on a southern classic.

Club Sandwiches from Lenny’s Subs

August is National Sandwich Month and Andy is visiting the WKRG studio to teach viewers how to build the perfect variety of club sandwiches …

Chicken Wings and Sauces

  Bo Bishop from Bishop’s Bar & Grill shares their recipes for several different chicken wing sauces. Bishop’s phone number: 251-344-2131 Bi…

Smoked Chicken Salad

Benny Chinnis with the Meat Boss shares his take on Smoked Chicken Salad.

Santa Fe Pork Chops

Kevin Brooks with Cinco de Mayo shares a recipe for pork chops with black beans and corn.

Shotgun BBQ Chicken

Lucy Greer with Greer’s Markets shares her take on BBQ chicken.

Shrimp Salad

Cheryl Barnes shares her recipe for a cool, summer salad.

The Italian Job Sandwich

Vlad Moldoveanu with The Mediterranean Sandwich Company shares his take on an Italian sandwich.

Cajun Breakfast Sliders

Wendy James with The Kate Shepard Bed & Breakfast shows us how she makes her biscuits sliders.