chicken marsala

Chicken Marsala

Chris & Carla’s Catering & Heavenly Ribs prepares Chicken Marsala on Take 5.


The Sugar Kettle Cafe’s Peach Cobbler Recipe

Olive Garden’s Breadstick Sandwiches

No specific recipe, but ingredients include: -Olive Garden’s famous garlic breadsticks -Italian Meatballs -Chicken Parmigiana -Homemade Mari…

Energy Bites

A healthy, delicious energy bite recipe by Mars Hill Cafe.

Fig-Almond Tart

What to do with all those figs? Tracey Glover has a delicious solution!

Sita Patel and Kumi Batavia

Palak Paneer with Plain Paratha and Raitu

A curried vegetarian dish prepared by two women involved with the Art of Living Foundation’s “Culture Kitchen” event at the Mobile Museum of…

Chilled Vegetable Salad

Chilled Vegetable Salad

Dr. Felicia Stoler, Registered Dietitian, make a chilled vegetable salad perfect for hot summer days.