man on computer

Scam Buster: Software Update Scam

Steve Gibson says after paying over $600 for what he thought was malware protection, “Microsoft technicians” came back and demanded another …


Scam Buster: Computer Tech Imposters

Experts warn against taking calls from self-proclaimed “computer technicians” wanting to take control of your computer or laptop.

credit report

Scam Buster: Protecting Your Identity

Agencies like LifeLock can help protect your identity, but officials say you still have to work at making sure your identity isn’t stolen.

caller id spoof

Scam Buster: Caller ID Spoofing

What started out as a prank app has now been taken over by scammers as one more way to fool you into giving up your personal information.

fix bad credit sign

Scam Buster: Fix Bad Credit Scams

Experts say there is no way to magically fix bad credit other than trying to get a lower interest rate on credit cards and paying off your b…