Plain Gardening: Camellia Collection

This week’s episode of Plain Gardening takes place at a world-famous Gulf Coast garden that few locals have seen.  Bill Finch takes us throu…


Plain Gardening: Seeds

This exciting episode of Plain Gardening drags your 2016 annuals kicking and screaming (not really) into 2017…and saves you lots of money (r…


Plain Gardening

This week, Plain Gardening travels to the Seed-to-Table Garden in Renaissance Park.


Digging Your Garden

This week’s exciting episode of Plain gardening deals with digging, drought, and rock-hard soil.


Plain Gardening: Goldenrod

In this week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening we restore the good name of the beautiful, but much maligned, goldenrod.


Plain Gardening

Bill Finch and John Nodar talk pollination.

Fall Planting

Fall Planting

This week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening deals with the best time of year for planting flowers on the Gulf Coast. Spoiler Alert: it’s…

Hot Summer Crops

Summer Crops: The Hot Thing

It’s the hottest part of summer. You’d think everything would be wilting in this heat, but Bill Finch says it’s a great time to harvest and …

Harvesting Bananas

Banana Fruit

Bill Finch tells us all about improving your banana harvest.

Hurricane Season Trees

Hurricane Season Trees

In this week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening, we’re talking about which trees can be troublemakers when tropical weather arrives.