Camellia Day

The Botanical Gardens are full of camellias right now.

Porch Plants

Porch Plants

This week’s exciting episode of plain gardening deals with porch-sitting…porch-sitting winter plants, that is.



You may have heard of the play “A Lion in Winter”, well, today’s Plain Gardening episode is “A Lawn in Winter”, starring gardening expert Bi…

planting poinsettias

Planting Poinsettias

Taking down the holiday decorations? Bill Finch says don’t throw out the old, spindly poinsettias!



Bill Finch tells us how easy it is to find mistletoe in our area.



Beautiful in spring and delicious in fall; Bill Finch talks about hibiscus on this episode of Plain Gardening!


Plain Gardening: Mums

This week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening takes place at beautiful Bellingrath Gardens, where the annual Fall Mum Show is underway. Ga…

Longleaf Forest

Longleaf Forest

This week’s episode of Plain Gardening takes place in Mobile Botanical Gardens Longleaf Forest.

fall flowers

Fabulous Fall Flowers

Gardening expert Bill Finch says the more we learn about fall on the Gulf Coast, the more we discover that there are some great fall re-bloo…


Plain Gardening: Sweet Potatoes

Learn more about sweet potatoes by calling Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11am on 106.5FM or by emailing

Plain Gardening

Seed to Table Garden

In past episodes of Plain Gardening, Bill Finch introduced us to the Seed to Table Garden in downtown Mobile’s Renaissance Place.  We watche…


Carrots and Radishes

For Gulf Coast Gardeners, fall is a great time to plant. Lots of cool-weather plants will be transferred from small pots to the ground betwe…



In this exciting episode of Plain Gardening, gardening expert Bill Finch has a new miracle cure for your pesky garden weeds! It’s called wee…


Plain Gardening: Kudzu

This month’s edition of the Smithsonian is featuring Bill’s article on Kudzu; it explodes some of the many myths about “The Green Monster.”

Plain Gardening

Planting Now for Fall

Gardening expert Bill Finch says this hot time of year is also when you need to be planning—and planting—your fall and winter gardens. Augus…


Downtown Oaks

Gardening expert Bill Finch says Mobile was a smart city early on, creating beautiful oases like Bienville Square and Washington Square, whe…


Watering in the Summer

It’s been mighty hot, and if the hit-or-miss afternoon thunderstorms miss you, then your garden may need water. Gardening expert Bill Finch …

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