Plain Gardening: Cicadas

The noise that is the background of summer is just cicadas saying, “I love you.”

Plain Gardening

Plain Gardening: Gulf Coast Mint

You need a mint!  No offense intended; I mean you need one of our beautiful Gulf Coast mint plants in your garden. Gardening expert Bill Fin…

Hot Summer Crops

Summer Crops: The Hot Thing

It’s the hottest part of summer. You’d think everything would be wilting in this heat, but Bill Finch says it’s a great time to harvest and …

Harvesting Bananas

Banana Fruit

Bill Finch tells us all about improving your banana harvest.

Hurricane Season Trees

Hurricane Season Trees

In this week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening, we’re talking about which trees can be troublemakers when tropical weather arrives.

Pitcher Plants

Pitcher Plants

This week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening takes place in exotic Splinter Hill Bog in Baldwin County…home of man-eating plants! Well, m…



Salvia are the beautiful flowering sages of the Gulf Coast.  So much so, says gardening expert Bill Finch, that they’re sometimes called Flo…

American Summer

American Summer

This week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening deals with American Summer. All patriotic Americans should tune in.

Hunting Mosquitoes

Hunting Mosquitoes

In this week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening, Bill Finch and John go hunting…for mosquitoes! It’s the first of a two-part series.



It’s spring, and that means it’s Spring Myrtle Massacre time, according to gardening expert Bill Finch. But let’s start with the good… Crepe…

Winter Vegetables

Winter Vegetables

This week’s exciting episode of Plain Gardening is an encore of sorts…a second-season harvest of winter vegetables!

Tomato Insurance

How do you insure great tomatoes this year? With tomato insurance, of course. That’s the topic of this week’s exciting episode of Plain Gard…


Plain Gardening: Nanners

Learn more about bananas by calling Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5FM or email


Camellia Day

The Botanical Gardens are full of camellias right now.

Porch Plants

Porch Plants

This week’s exciting episode of plain gardening deals with porch-sitting…porch-sitting winter plants, that is.



You may have heard of the play “A Lion in Winter”, well, today’s Plain Gardening episode is “A Lawn in Winter”, starring gardening expert Bi…

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