Pray for Peace 5

Honking for Peace

You may have recently seen a woman standing on the side of the road with a powerful message, “Pray for Peace”.

Jeffrey Scott

Escaped Loxley Inmate Re-captured

  An inmate who escaped in June from the Loxley work release facility has been captured in Coffee County, thanks to a homeowner. According t…

Biking the Bankhead Tunnel

Biking (and Walking) the Bankhead

ALDOT makes the big city feel a bit smaller every Saturday morning. You can now trek under the Mobile River on foot or by bike.

Pool Playground

Beating the Heat

A dip in the pool is the classic way to stay cool especially cannon ball style!. The lines are long at the Roger Scott community pool in Pen…

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What Was That Noise? We Found Out

Several people contacted News 5 Thursday night asking about loud aircraft noise over Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We found out what it was.