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What is a Tropical Cyclone?

Tropical weather has a lot of confusing names. Here’s a breakdown of some of those terms.

Alabama Getting Hurricane Ready

The state of Alabama is using the week to prepare for hurricanes. Several agencies from around the state worked together to save simulated l…

Dark Clouds Look Scary Over Lillian

Dark clouds make a scary sight over Lillian, AL Saturday. A few showers and thunderstorms a were able to pop-up late Saturday morning. Ricky…

Weather Balloon Lands on Ono Island

A weather balloon landed on Ono Island. It may be hard to believe but meteorologists still get a lot of valuable data from a weather balloon

Car Fire Spreads Quickly in High Winds

A car fire on the shoulder of Interstate-10 spread quickly to the grassy shoulder. It then threatened businesses south of Halls Mill Road.