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Tropical Action Shifts Southward

Tropical Storms Maria and Lee are moving swiftly across the North Atlantic. There are no other active tropical cyclones right now, but we’re…

Hurricane Maria Hitting Turks and Caicos

Another group of islands is suffering the effects of Hurricane Maria; this time it’s the Turks and Caicos. Maria has begun a northward turn.

jose satellite

Jose Approaching Leeward Islands

Hurricane Jose is a major hurricane that is on a path that may impact some of the islands hit by Hurricane Irma

Solar Eclipse Forecast

80% of the sun will be eclipsed in our News 5 neighborhood, but not everyone will see it directly.

Tropical Waves, Not Tropical Threats

It’s the time of year when you start hearing terms like “tropical wave” or “tropical disturbance”. Don’t let that scare you.