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weather for 2016

2016 Top Weather Events in the WKRG Area

2016 took the WKRG area through drought, flood, waterspouts, tornadoes, and it gave us some pretty things to see too. Here are the top weath…

Hurricane Track

Hurricane Elena in 1985

Hurricane Elena was a major hurricane in 1985 with a track in the Gulf that took a full loop before landfall.

Hurricane Danny Flooding

Hurricane Danny in 1997

Hurricane Danny in 1997 was a slow-moving Category 1 hurricane that left 2 to 3 feet of rain; storm tides of 5 to 6 feet; and it pushed wate…

Fireworks vs Weather

Fireworks vs. Weather

Weather has an impact on fireworks and fireworks can impact weather and people.


Tropical Weather Words

Do you know the difference between a tropical depression and a tropical disturbance? Have you ever heard of an “invest”?

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready

Hurricane Hazard: Get Ready is special program for hurricane season to get you and your family prepared.