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Thunderstorm Cloud Features

Thunderstorm Cloud Features Explained

Billowing cumulonimbus clouds have a whole bunch of clues and signs as to what they are doing. Watch this timelapse with an explanation.

Hurricane Dennis Waves

Hurricane Dennis in 2005

Hurricane Dennis was small but powerful in 2005, when it made landfall near Milton, Florida.

Ozone Alert Day

Ozone Alert Day for Tuesday

Air quality will lower on Tuesday from ozone near the ground. People with breathing issues, as well as children, should take it easy.

Rain Amounts on April 30

Rain Totals Make a Wet End to April

With the long periods of rain and downpours from thunderstorms, much of the News 5 area saw 1 to 3 inches of rain for the last day of April,…

Roll Cloud

Roll Cloud

Have you ever seen a long round band of clouds stretched across the sky? Here’s what you might have seen.