Moore Campaign Threatens to Sue Over Political Ads

(WKRG) — The Roy Moore Campaign says it will sue to stop the airing of a pro-Doug Jones political ad paid for by the super-PAC Highway 31.

The campaign says the ad contains ‘third-hand gossip and repeats out-right falsehoods.’

The ad contains the line, “Moore was actually banned from the Gadsden Mall . . . for soliciting sex from young girls.”  The campaign says the claim is doubly false because Roy Moore was never banned from a mall and never solicited sex from girls.

Meanwhile, a day after Doug Jones made a speech in Birmingham where he claimed electing Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate could hurt Alabama’s chances of landing a major automotive manufacturing plant, his campaign released a new ad called ‘Bad for Business.’ In it, Jones supporters all claim a Moore win could potentially harm Alabama’s efforts at economic development.

Alabama is one of two states vying for a proposed Toyota-Mazda manufacturing plant.

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