Grinch Caught-on-Camera Stealing Christmas Decorations in West Mobile

WEST MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Residents beware, there’s a Grinch on the loose in West Mobile.

In a video sent to WKRG News 5 on Facebook, a woman is seen walking up to a home and stealing Christmas decorations right next to the front door.  The crime was caught on a security camera at the property in the area of Jeff Hamilton and Dawes Roads.

The grinch who was seen on camera stealing the Christmas decoration, according to homeowner Becky McNatt.

The homeowner, Becky McNatt, says the Christmas decorations were custom-made out of driftwood with three Santa’s painted on top.   She included a photo of the decoration.

“Hopefully this will get around to her family and friends and they will know that the super cute Santa Clauses made out of driftwood she did not purchase or make..instead she stole from our family,” said McNatt on Facebook.

McNatt says the crime occurred in the middle of the night, approximately 3:55am, on November 27.  As of this writing, the thief has not been caught, though the Facebook post has locally gone viral with about 3,000 shares.

The stolen Christmas decoration, which was custom-made out of driftwood.

In the last two weeks, News 5 has aired multiple warnings on “porch pirates” looking to steal packages that are delivered for the holidays.  However, this is the first reported theft of Christmas decorations in our area so far this year.

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