Convicted Rapist From Mobile Allowed Back On The Streets

MONTGOMERY, Ala (WKRG) — A convicted rapist from Mobile is granted an early parole and allowed back on the streets. This comes just over two months after the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office says his defense team presented fake letters in court that almost allowed him to be granted parole back in September.

David Cooley was serving a double life sentence after being convicted of rape, kidnapping, and robbery back in 1997. Cooley was a teen at the time.

In February of 1997, Cooley went on a crime spree with three other young men. According to investigators, Cooley kidnapped two women on Airport Boulevard in Mobile. He then drove them to another location and raped them. The group of young men then robbed a few stores in the area.

Cooley had his fourth parole hearing September.

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich tells News 5 Cooley almost received early parole after the defense presented two letters allegedly written by the victims saying they forgave Cooley, and were fine with him getting an early parole. But Rich says just after the hearing she received a call from one of Cooley’s victims saying they did not write the letter. Rich shared the information with the parole and the board reversed its decision.

Rich opposed parole at Cooley’s latest hearing on Wednesday. Rich says she proved the defense presented fake letters from the victims, to the parole board.

Despite that the parole board in Montgomery decided to grant parole after 20 years of Cooley’s double life sentence.

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