“Significant” Marijuana Bust in Baldwin County

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A traffic stop on the interstate led to a big bust for Baldwin County authorities. Sixty-four pounds of marijuana packed in one-pound vacuumed sealed bags and stuffed into a duffle bag and four pelican cases.

“It’s 64 pounds of high-grade marijuana worth somewhere between 3 to 5 thousand dollars a pound depending on where you sell it and who buys it,” says Captain Steve Arthur with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

45-year-old Mario Sanchez was driving a rented Kia Sorento with California plates Saturday, eastbound on Interstate 10, “saw the vehicle driving erratically, changing lanes improperly on I-10.” The resulting traffic stop revealed coffee beans, olive oil and Christmas presents hiding the pot from view but not the smell.

“It was a very good get,” says Arthur. “This was supposedly headed to Miami so somebody will not get a very good Christmas.”

The number of drug busts on I-10 and other corridors through Baldwin County has gone up over the last couple of years and while investigators say this is a significant bust so much more is getting through. “We’re fortunate to get this seizure but we also know we are not getting nowhere near the amount that is coming through our county,” says Arthur.

Sanchez says he was being paid two thousand dollars to make the delivery and had no idea what was in the cases.

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