Gulf Shores Road Projects Underway

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Now taking up large portions of major roadways in Gulf Shores, are at least three road projects.

“The new sidewalks are real progress,” says Mike Spurling in town for the winter. “It’s going to help people from walking around on the streets.”

Along the beach road, sidewalks are going in and squeezing traffic on a five-lane highway into three lanes. “It’s the offseason,” says resident Carol Morgan. “It’s probably the best time to do it.”

On Highway 59 the squeeze is a little tighter as crews work on Bayou Bridge over Little Lagoon. The work zone for a new pedestrian walkway diverts the motoring public to just two lanes. All in the name of progress. “I have mixed feelings about it,” says resident Tom Morgan. “I think it’s very pretty for tourists and so forth but we came here to retire so I don’t particularly care to have nine jillion tourists all the time.”

So far, things have gone pretty smoothly which is a good thing because more changes to make the area more pedestrian friendly are on the drawing board.

The third project involves resurfacing Highway 59 from the Intracoastal Bridge to the beach but that’s being done at night. All of the projects are expected to be finished by this Spring.

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