SEC Championship ticket sales take off

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — After an upset victory by Auburn in the Iron Bowl, tickets for the SEC Championship became a hot commodity for Tiger fans. Steven Susce at said sales began to spike before the Iron Bowl ended.

“Right at halftime it got a little hot and we adjusted prices and then more towards the end of the game it got a little hotter. We were monitoring prices during the game. Auburn hasn’t been in a while, new stadium, Atlanta, Georgia … It doesn’t hurt at all being right there in our back yard. So yes, it’s just a no-brainer, tickets at a high point right now,” said Susce.

After the Iron Bowl upset, fans made a run on “score shirts” at Bama Fever Tiger Pride.

“At 10 o’clock we opened up and just got out of the way because it was a big rush of people,” said General Manager Justin Irvin.

Now there’s a run on tickets to the next match up: against Georgia. Auburn fan Roger Sheppard said he didn’t go to the Iron Bowl because he couldn’t bear to hear Rammer Jammer echoing through Jordan-Hare Stadium, but for the SEC Championship Game…

“I’ve got a couple of friends I’m intending to call because I know they bought tickets early and they were expecting to be there regardless. And now they ain’t gone be there,” said Sheppard.

According to the SEC Ticket Website, tickets are sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find them. With a quick search on Facebook, I found tickets on sale for anywhere from $200 to $2000. But buying elsewhere online does mean taking a risk.

“Just know who you’re buying from. Check the resources,” said Susce. “Just don’t blind-buy them somewhere. If you think it’s too good of a deal, it probably is.”

The SEC warns fans every year about ticket scams. Without an authorized ticket, you won’t get into the game. The SEC Fan to Fan Marketplace is the only authorized ticket resale site, but companies like have them as well.

“We’re a no fee company also. So whatever you see on our site, there’s no extra hidden fees as you might see on some other sites,” said Susce.

He said tickets on start around $500, and it’s hard to predict whether those prices will go up or down because tickets for this game are in demand.

“I know the ticket sales going to be high because everybody anticipating Georgia beating us. They thought it was a fluke when we beat them the first time,” said Sheppard.

“We’re just really excited to hopefully get Auburn an SEC Championship and get in that playoff so we can have a little bit more shirts next Sunday with SEC Champ written on it,” said Irvin.

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