Watch: Dash cam video shows deputy saving victim from burning car

ESCAMBIA CO, Fla (WKRG) News Five obtained dash cam video of an Escambia County deputy saving a victim from a burning car last Thursday.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Rob Pollock saw a pick-up truck crash into an crash cushion on the back of a maintenance truck.

Deputies say the pick-up truck burst into flames with the driver trapped inside. Sgt. Pollock  started battling the fire with an extinguisher. Deputies say the fire was too intense and Pollock’s extinguisher ran out.

Pollock then called other deputies for backup and they were able to put the fire out. Once the fire was out, deputies say Pollock and another deputy tried to get inside the vehicle. Pollock used an empty fire extinguisher to break out the back window of the truck. The deputies then gave the driver first aid.

The driver did not suffer any burns and was airlifted to the hospital.



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