Temperatures Plummet Tonight

As of 5 PM CDT there was a 15-20° spread compared to our temperatures at that time yesterday. Highs today were only able to manage the upper 50s and lower 60s. However, if you were outside, it felt cooler than that because the wind didn’t really die down.

Heading into this evening we will see the winds die down slightly, but they will stay persistent out of the north around 5-10 mph. With lighter winds and clear skies that is setting the table for a VERY COLD night. By daybreak tomorrow most folks along and south of the I-10 corridor will be waking up with temperatures in the middle 30s with low lying areas likely near freezing. However, if you are north of I-10 and more specifically, in our inland counties, such as Greene (MS), Washington, Clarke, Monroe, & Conecuh, you are under a freeze warning. Temperatures between 29°-32° are forecast.

While the winds will be lighter than earlier in the day, wind chill will still be a factor tonight. So while areas in coastal counties might not hit freezing, it will feel like it.

When temperatures get this cold it’s important to keep a few things in mind. When freezing weather is possible remember the 5 P’s. 1. Protect people by dressing in layers and have a warm place to stay 2. Bring in pets, if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets 3. Cover up any sensitive plants 4. Keep pipes warm to prevent bursting (typically when temperatures are expected to be below freezing for prolonged times) 5. Practice Fire Safety.

Building on number 5, from 2009-2013 space heaters accounted for 4 out of 5 home heating deaths.

After a cold start Monday will be another cool day. Highs will reach the lower 60s with a light north breeze under mostly sunny skies. For the latest on your forecast make sure you follow the First Alert Storm Team on Social Media and download the News 5 Free Weather App.

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