WKRG Magical Christmas Toy Drive Fly-In, Flies High

Irvington, AL (WKRG)

It’s a hobby that can turn into a lifelong passion. Members of the Azalea City Model Aeronautics Club came to Irvington Field to take flight and also take part. They were taking part in WKRG’s Magical Christmas Toy Drive. The entry fee or flight fee was the donation of one unwrapped toy to our drive. Dozens of people were at the field.  This is something they have been doing for the last several years. This year the weather was really cooperating. One year ago it was bitterly cold. This year is nice and warm. It’s perfect weather to help with the turnout too. People were donating toys and taking off on the runway. Organizers say it’s a good cause and a good time.

“It’s the feel-good event of the year for us. We know we can take in toys and in some cases, we know these may be the only toys some of these kids get,” said Club President Aaron Carpenter.  “It’s just something we do to give back to the community. The nicer it is the more people come out, especially the spectators and people who just came to watch, we get more toys and toys we can give back. This is the first Toy Drive event and it officially gets underway at noon on Monday.  Organizers said they originally planned to have the fly-in next weekend–but had to move it one week early when they realized it would have fallen on the same day as the Iron Bowl.

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