Airbus Announces Nearly $50 Billion Deal

Airbus 50th MCA Arrival at Mobile Alabama FAL

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Airbus announces it’s largest single deal to build airplanes for one company.  The agreement was announced this week at the Dubai Airshow.  It’s a $49.5 billion dollar deal to build 430 a320’s and a321’s.  Those are both manufactured at the final assembly line in Mobile.

The agreement was signed with Indigo Partners to build the plans for four airlines that company owns.  That includes Frontier Airlines in the United States.  It’s hard to say exactly how many of these planes will be built in Mobile.  This deal strengthens Airbus’s overall supply chain and the planes ordered would be built using a variety of assembly lines worldwide.  In a news release, company officials said low-cost airlines like Frontier are an avenue of growth in aviation.

“This significant commitment for 430 additional aircraft underscores our optimistic view of the growth potential of our family of low-cost airlines, as well as our confidence in the A320neo Family as a platform for that growth,” said Indigo Partners Managing Partner Bill Franke.

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