Dog Killed in Police Involved Shooting

RED BLUFF, California (CNN) — A dog was killed in a police-involved shooting in Red Bluff, California over the weekend.  Another dog was seriously injured.

On Sunday morning, a Red Bluff police officer responded to a vicious dog threat at a nearby neighborhood. Captain Quintan Ortega with the Red Bluff Police Department says they had three separate reports of two Saint Bernards acting aggressively that day before the officer arrived.

Captain Quintan Ortega with Red Bluff Police says, “When an officer responds to a call like this, we’re uncertain about what the circumstances are going to be.  With the aggressive nature of the animals he had a responsibility to protect himself and the neighborhood and the community, and we support his decision.”

The shooting occurred on Nelson Drive and when an officer arrived on scene he was told of the first report. A mother had called to say her 7-year old daughter was being chased by the dogs.  The second call came from a man who said one of the dogs bit him in the leg, however he was not injured.

Captain Quintan Ortega says, “No officer goes into a situation and wants to use force, but it’s one of the responsibilities that we have. When an officer faces that situation, he only has a matter of seconds — if that — to make a decision on what type of force needs to be used.”

The first dog who was shot was the younger Saint Bernard in front of a home.  Another neighbor’s house, still with a bullet hole on the side where the older of the two dogs, the mother, was shot. The woman who lives in the home, says she believes the only reason why the bullet didn’t go through the wall and to the couch where they were sitting was that it must have hit a post.  The city of Red Bluff obtains about 1,000 animal calls a year.  They do not have your typical animal control like many cities do.  The last response where an animal had to be shot was in 2003.

Body camera footage from the incident is being reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation.

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