Tests Show No Lead in Water at Baldwin County Public Schools

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Water tests at all 45 schools in the Baldwin County Public School System have come back showing no detectable levels of lead, according to a release from the school district.

“We are so grateful that eleven water authorities in Baldwin County – certified water operators – have completed water sampling for lead in all 45 of our Baldwin County Public Schools and we are extremely pleased to say that the testing laboratory’s final report shows there were no detectable levels of lead found,” Superintendent Eddie Tyler said in the release.

Eleven water authorities took more than 300 samples over two weekends in September. The testing was voluntary.

The school district says tests did find elevated lead levels at an out-of-service water fountain. The fountain was retested, and no detectable levels were found, according to the release.

The only elevated lead levels detected came from an out-of-service water fountain at Summerdale School. Even though the fountain had been out of service for a long time, the school system had it tested. There was an elevated lead level detected on the one fountain but on a re-sample and test, there was no detectable levels found. As an added measure, the wing where the fountain is located was re-sampled and no detectable levels were found.

The school district has posted the results of the water testing here.



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