MCSO Ask for Assistance in Identifying “Ninja Impersonator” Thief

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance in identifying a “ninja impersonator” who allegedly stole from the Greer’s store on Dauphin Island Parkway.

According to MCSO, a mysterious “ninja impersonator” came through the roof of Greer’s Store on Dauphin Island Parkway on November 9.  MCSO posted surveillance video on their Facebook page of the “ninja” entering through the ceiling. 

The post reads, “he appears to be a white male wearing a black long sleeve shirt, dark jeans, black shoes, black bandana and a BLUE BEANIE? WHAT???? Everyone knows a “true ninja” would not complete his entire ninja outfit with a blue beanie….HELLO????? If you want to act like a ninja, you have to DRESS like a ninja! #ninjadresscode #whitemencantjump #unoninja #wemadeulookcooladdingmusic#unotcool”

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office say, the “Ninja Impersonator” took some prescription drugs, Jack Daniels, wine, and cigarettes from the Greers Store.

Anyone with information on this “Ninja Impersonator”, please call 251-574-8633

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