Gulf Shores Police Call For “#9PMROUTINE”

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — When the clock strikes 9 p.m., the Gulf Shores Police Department wants you to lock your car.

The department joined the campaign “#9PMROUTINE” last week after noticing a steady report of theft from vehicles around the city.

As of November 11th, Police received 911 reports of thefts from vehicles which is right on track with 2016’s number of 118.

To date, the department has received 8 reports of stolen guns this year, 6 of those are from vehicles.

While police say some of them have been recovered, residents say the thought of the others on the streets is scary.

“They’re not going to do anything good with it. it’s going to be used for something that’s illegal. We do have guns and we wouldn’t want those stolen to be used for something like that either,” said Gulf Shores resident, Darla Hjelmen.

Another resident tells News 5 he’s taking no chances on losing his valuables. “Every night, I make sure I lock up my house, my car, anything that can be taken I make sure is stored away,” said Gulf Shores resident and business owner, Bryars Bishop.

Gulf Shores police say they got the social media campaign idea from Pasco County, Florida.

It says its department starting posting on social media a year ago reminding residents to lock their cars. Since then, the department has seen a 37-percent decrease in thefts from vehicles.


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