Dozens gather in Pensacola to yell “Chocolate”

Yeah, you read that right.

Dozens of people of all ages gathered in downtown Pensacola Monday evening at the Palafox Pier to yell “Chocolate.”

It’s a new trend on Facebook where people create bizarre, usually silly and goofy Facebook events.

Monday’s event is a play on a popular episode of “Spongebob” where Spongebob and Patrick are going door to door in an attempt to sell chocolate.  One of the would-be customers gets upset, and starts screaming “Chocolate!” as his eyes bulge from his head.

Morgan Payne and Steven Gregory created the event on Facebook.  Payne says she created the event as “almost a joke” and didn’t think anyone would come.  They were tickled that so many people showed up, sharing videos and pictures on the event page.

Payne said they will for sure have another event because this one was “so amazing.”




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