Different Polls Show Moore-Jones Neck and Neck

Four different polls of Alabama voters conducted since a Washington Post story about Roy Moore’s alleged sexual advances of a 14-year-old girl four decades ago, now show Moore and Democrat Doug Jones in a dead heat.

Two polls show Moore leading in the race heading for election day December 12th.  A ‘Change Research’ poll, conducted Thursday through Saturday and including more than 18 hundred registered voters shows Moore with a four percentage point lead over Jones, 44% to 40%.

A poll conducted for the Big League Politics blog by Gravis Marketing shows Moore with a two-point lead, 48% to 46%.  478 likely voters were surveyed.

Another poll by Decision Desk HQ showed a virtual dead heat with both Moore and Jones with 46%.

One poll that was also conducted Thursday through Saturday by JMC Analytics shows Doug Jones in the lead by four points, 48% to 44%.

The polls show somewhat of a shift among likely voters compared to earlier polls that consistently showed Roy Moore in the lead.  There are still four weeks to go until the election.

The polls were done prior to the second accuser of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore.

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