City Unveils Civic Center Options

Mobile Civic Center

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — City officials unveiled three new plans Monday night for the future of the Mobile Civic Center.

A packed meeting was held in the facility to hear the options and to ask questions.

The three proposals are for a renovation of the existing facility, to build a new arena, or to use a mix of existing and new buildings for a mixed-use arts district.

Since taking office, Mayor Sandy Stimpson has been in favor of removing the existing structure. While many have asked to keep it in place, the Mayor says it’s the most difficult option.

“That is the one that is the most difficult because the City of Mobile will have to use citizens’ money to do all of that. There is no investor that will come and let us upgrade this facility and keep it like it is,” said Stimpson.

A number of people have resisted the idea, saying they prefer to keep the building.

“There is nothing wrong with the building we have right now. Let’s just go ahead and renovate it and make the adjustments to update it. It was built for the community,” said Marsha Herron.

Stimpson says the city still wants to receive additional input, but would next move to receive proposals from developers.

Any construction would not begin until 2019.

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