Wisconsin Banner Calling Out Packers Receives National Attention

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WKRG) — A banner hanging on a fence in Green Bay, Wisconsin is receiving national attention.

The banner appears to call out the Green Bay Packers, telling them to stand during the national anthem or leave.  It reads, “STAND for your FLAG or PACK your BAGS.”

‘Pack’ is in all capital letters and alternates between the colors green and yellow; which, are the team colors of the Green Bay Packers.

It is unknown who hung the banner on Green Bay’s Lombardi Avenue, but when WFRV(sister station to WKRG) posted it on their Facebook page the banner received many reactions.

One commentor posted, “I have nothing against them protesting, I do question their cause, but I definitely disagree with their using their status in sports as a venue.”

Another saying, “Sports and politics never a good mix.”  Other people commented in support of the sign.

The sign was spurred by NFL players kneeling in peaceful protest of racial inequality during the National Anthem.

Those protests have led to boycotts of the NFL and its programming.

The NFL announced on Veterans Day that they won’t make changes to their policy on players standing for the National Anthem.

The Packers won on Saturday against the Bears, 23 – 16, breaking their three-game losing streak.


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