Child Claims Neighbor Shot Family Dog

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) — A local resident is claiming a dog, that has been in the family since it’s birth, was shot by a neighbor.

Draka, a pitbull dog, was shot in her paw on Sunday November 12 and was taken to the Animal Hospital of Mobile on Airport Boulevard.

News 5 spoke to dog owner, Teresa Thompson, who says they are having trouble proving the incident occurred because the witness was Thompson’s 7-year old granddaughter.

Thompson says, “My granddaughter let the dog out on accident and the dog, of course, went into the neighbor’s yard.  A kid walking down the street shot the dog while it was sitting in the neighbor’s yard.”

Thompson called the police but cancelled their response because the dog needed to be taken to the animal hospital. 

Draka had a bullet wound in her left front paw and the padding below was “blown out,” according to Thompson.  Surgery was performed on an artery that was severed from the bullet. The bullet also shattered the two main bones in her paw.  Thompson says there is a possibility the paw will have to be amputated. 

When police later arrived at the resident’s house, Thompson says the kid who allegedly shot the dog started defending himself before the police asked any questions. “They did point him(the alleged shooter) out when the police department was there. So they did walk next door and question the kid who instantly said, ‘I didn’t shoot no dog.'”

The family wants justice for the dog because according to Thompson, “that’s one of the things wrong with today, everybody gets away with everything.”  Police tell Thompson nothing can be done because it is a civil matter. She wants the boy who shot Draka to at least pay for the medical expenses.

Draka goes back to the vet on Monday for a second examination. 

A friend posted photos and the story on Facebook asking for people to share it and make donations directly to the Animal Hospital in Draka’s name. 

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