Rockefeller Christmas Tree Heads to New York

JOHNSTOWN, Pennsylvania (CNN/CBS) This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree headed out on a truck to the Big Apple Thursday.

The 75-foot, 13-ton Spruce tree was chopped down in State College, Pennsylvania in the morning. It was growing at the home of Jason Perrin.

Back in 2010, he found out he had a Christmas gem growing in his yard, after seven years of caring for the tree and giving it more time to grow, it’s living out its destiny.

Once the holidays wrap up and it’s taken down in New York, the tree will be milled into lumber for habitat for humanity.

“The holidays are always important to everybody, I believe. So I was excited you know, that millions of people would get to enjoy the tree and eventually it would be part of somebody’s home” said tree donor, Jason Perrin.

Once in New York, the tree will be covered in more than 50-thousand multi-colored LED lights and crowned with a Swarovski star.  It will be officially lit on November 29th and stay on display until January 7th.

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