Roy Moore Allegations Could Lead to Yet Another Special Senate Election

(WKRG/AP) With election day almost a month away, if Roy Moore did withdraw from the Senate race the Republican party could not replace him on the ballot.  That could lead to yet another special election for the seat, according to Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill,  “if Judge Moore as the disqualified candidate receives more votes than Doug Jones then the election will be null and voided at that point. Another special election will have to be called for the US Senate seat and Senator Strange will continue to serve in that seat until that time.”

Moore says he has no intentions of leaving the race. Moore is answering GOP critics who say he should end his Alabama Senate candidacy if he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with minors four decades ago, as The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Moore says on the Sean Hannity radio show that if candidates step aside due to accusations, “you might as well not run, because when you run you’re going to get allegations.” He says people are “innocent until proven guilty.”

The Post reported that when Moore was 32, he took a 14-year-old girl to his home and touched her bra and underpants. Moore denies that.

He says he’s doing his own investigation and has “some evidence of collusion here.” He is revealing no details.

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