BREAKING: Family Confirms Name of Clubhouse Road Shooting Victim

UPDATE 12:39

Family members on the scene have confirmed to WKRG the identity of victim.

According to the victims brother, Kaleel Carter, at least three people were walking down Clubhouse Road and at close range fired at his brother. Carter identifies his brother as 22-year old Corey Walker.

At least 13 shots were fired.  Carter said he fell down on the front porch of his house and did not see their faces. Carter believes his brother was shot several times.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Police are investigating a shooting that occurred Tuesday morning.

News 5 has a crew at the 3200 block of Clubhouse Road in Mobile. Police have the road blocked off, and caution tape is seen surrounding the area.

According to Mobile Police, one man has been shot in the leg and transferred to a local hospital. Police say his injuries are non-life threatening.

Tuesday’s shooting happened not far from where another shooting took place in October at a gas station.

“This is nerve wracking,” said neighbor James Hill. “This is the second time in a few weeks or so that something like this has happened in the neighborhood.”

“My mom lives here. There’s a lot of older people that live in this neighborhood. So just for the sake of keeping them safe, I feel like we got to figure it out and figure it out really fast,” Hill said.

We will bring you more details as they become available.

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