Police Rescue Chunky Raccoon Stuck in Sewer grate

Zion Police Department Facebook

ZION, IL (CNN) — A raccoon was saved from what could have been a scary fate when he got stuck in a sewer grate. Zion, Illinois police were on the scene and with the help of the public works department, were able to save the little guy. They wrote on the Zion Police Department Facebook page:

“As a police officer no 2-days are the same. Ofc. K. Vaughn responded to a call for assistance this morning for one of our furry residents. It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate. Animal Control Ofc. R. Knorr & Ofc. Vaughn were unable to remove him and had to request help from the real heroes over at the Zion Public Works Department. They were able to free him and our friend was no worse for wear. Check out the photos and see if Ofc. Vaughn is more scared of the raccoon than it is of him! All in good fun, nice save Ofc. Vaughn.”

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