Man Deemed Hero After Chasing Church Shooting Suspect

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (CNN) – A Texas man talks about giving chase to the suspect in Sunday’s deadly church shooting.
Devin Patrick Kelly is accused of killing more than two dozen people at the first Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.
Johnnie Langendorff witnessed the end of the massacre and took off after Kelly in his car.
Langendorff says, “I never got a look at him. I never really saw him.  I just saw the gunfire. The gentleman with the rifle came to my truck as the shooter took off and he briefly briefed me on what just happened and said we had to get him and that’s what I did.  I was on the phone with dispatch the entire time. I gave them the directions we were going, on what road and everything. And that the vehicle was in sight and I was picking up getting closer and closer to it.”
During the pursuit Langendorff says, “we hit about 95 mph going down 539 trying to catch this guy until he eventually lost control on his own and went off in a ditch. The gentleman that was with me got out rested his rifle on my hood and kept it aimed at him telling him to ‘get out, get out.’  There was no movement, there was none of that. I just know his break lights were going on and off, so he might have been unconscious from the crash or something like that, I’m not sure. Police pushed us back and from there there wasn’t a whole lot of view or there was just no gun shots after that.”
Kelly was later found dead in his vehicle with a gunshot wound.  Authorities have not said whether he was shot or took his own life.


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