Twitter Clarifies What Violates Its Policies

(CNN) — Twitter is clarifying its policies as part of its big push to curb harassment.

The social network on Friday outlined how it defines harassment and threats, and its policy toward adult content.

Twitter’s rules now explicitly say threats to expose someone’s personally-identifiable information are banned, such as a home address or social security number.

The terms outline users cannot make unwanted sexual advances on its platform or engage in child sex exploitation.

Also banned: wishing for the death, serious harm or disease of a person or group of people.

The promotion of self-harm or suicide is also prohibited.

Twitter also said it will now send an email explaining which policy has been violated when it suspends an account.

Last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promised more transparency and aggressive policies after actress Rose McGowan’s account was temporarily blocked for violating Twitter policies.

Twitter said the action was taken because she posted someone’s phone number, a policy violation.

Twitter’s internal controls were brought into the spotlight this week following news that an employee temporarily deleted President Trump’s account.


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