Troy University Fraternity under Investigation after Halloween Skit

(WKRG)- Officials are investigating Troy University and an international fraternity after a skit deemed offensive  happened on Halloween at the FarmHouse Fraternity house on Troy’s campus.

Members of the fraternity’s Troy Chapter performed the skit unrelated to Troy University as a whole.

In a video going around social media recorded at the fraternity house, shows someone wearing a sombrero and another person dressed in a mask as President Donald Trump. Other members were dressed as border patrol agents.

In one of the videos recorded on a student’s snapchat, the caption on the snap reads: “”When you ask them to build the wall.” Throughout the video the person wearing the Trump costume shouts at the people wearing sombrero’s as they climb over a brick wall located at the fraternity house.

Another video also recorded on snapchat show the people dressed as border patrol agents leading a person wearing a sombrero away with the caption on the snapchat story reading: “Got him.” Someone in the video can also be heard saying “pesos accepted.”

Troy University officials were notified about the video on Wednesday and are investigating they matter, they also notified the national Farmhouse Fraternity organization.

Their statement is below:

Troy officials shared this statement of apology from the members of the Troy fraternity:

“We sincerely apologize for the actions that occurred during an event at the fraternity house on Oct. 31. These actions fall well short of the standards we expect of our members, and the individuals responsible will face appropriate disciplinary action.
We deeply regret the hurt caused to members of our Troy community, and we are working closely with University officials to ensure something like this does not happen again. We will learn from this and take steps to regain the trust of the University and community.

The Brothers of FarmHouse at TROY”

There will be a town hall meeting in the Trojan Ballrooms at noon on Friday. All students are invited to attend and express their concerns.

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