Crestview High Student Says She Was Brutally Beaten at School

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WKRG) — Kyla Ross says she was beaten up by another girl two weeks ago at Crestview High School, and now that girl is back in school.

“She hit me in my face. And I just knew what was happening. And then she grabbed the back of my head… and that’s when I just buckled over. Because I didn’t want to fight back.”

Ross says she had a lot of bruising and scars from the altercation. The girl was suspended for one week and now she has in-school suspension.

Ross says she feels the administration has failed to make her feel safe at school.

“I don’t think that in school suspension is a proper punishment for what she did. There are people who have gotten expelled from CHS for less than what she did. She attacked me and I never fought back. I never hit her back once.”

Ross’s family has hired an attorney, filed charges and a restraining order.

News Five reached out to Crestview High School after hours and we are still waiting on a response.



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