Superintendent Responds to Racist Rap Video Created By Spanish Fort Teen

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG)-  Several weeks after a racist “rap” video is released by a Spanish Fort High School Student, the president of Baldwin County’s NAACP says he wants answers.

News 5 was shown the video by a viewer but it’s so explicit in nature that we are not playing the audio. We are also not releasing the student’s name since he is a minor.

The student is heard using racial slurs and making derogatory remarks about the LGBT community.

The school district says it’s not taking any action because the video wasn’t recorded on public property or using school district devices.

But the president of the NAACP in Baldwin County, Alec Barnett, says that’s not good enough.

“The kid needs to be suspended. You know and it’s to my understanding from the conversation I had today (with a concerned parent), is that the kid didn’t get any sort of punishment. If they don’t, I’ll go to the Superintendent Tyler and if he doesn’t then I’ll go to the state school board but I’ll need the parents to go as well,” says Barnett.

Barnett says he will be meeting with a Spanish Fort High school parent Tuesday morning because she wants to file a formal complaint. He also says he would like to meet with the school’s principal.

On Tuesday, October 31 Superintendent Eddie Tyler released the following statement regarding the video:

While this matter did not happen on school system property nor at a school sanctioned event, the entire system, including the principal and I, as superintendent, take this matter very seriously and are working with all the parties involved to try to determine if any action can be taken and what actions would be appropriate under the law.
Of course, we are horrified beyond words by the vile and disgusting nature of the recordings. However, the public, the media, the NAACP, and everyone involved needs to understand that we cannot under any circumstance disclose or even discuss any disciplinary matter which would involve a student in our school system.
We have been inundated with requests to speak about this matter but because it involves the private educational records of minor children, we are prohibited from discussing it. We understand the sensitivity of this matter and we also understand the gravity of the actions which were taken but we also need the participants to understand that this did not happen on school property. It did not happen on school property nor at a school-sanctioned event. It genuinely has nothing to do with the school but we have spoken with the parents and they are mortified. They are also trying to figure out how to deal publicly with what, just last week, was a personal family matter. Now it is news.
Even though we cannot discuss any disciplinary actions, we can state that this is a teachable moment which we are looking towards. We are trying to find a way to make this teachable moment to impress on these young adults how they should and should not behave.
We ask that you respect the sensitivity of this matter and our limitations under federal law. We will provide future updates as we are able.
– Eddie Tyler, Superintendent

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