Possible Motive Revealed in Murder of Private Investigator

Taylor Ashley Wright. Photo Courtesy: Brian C. Muhlbach/Facebook

PENSACOLA, Florida (WKRG) – A possible motive is coming to light in the arrest report of Ashley McArthur.  According to the report obtained by News 5, Taylor Wright had placed a large amount of money into a safe deposit box belonging to Ashley McArthur and Wright had attempted several times to get the money back.  The report states that on September 8, 2017, the last day Wright was seen alive, McArthur admitted that the two spent much of the day together.  McArthur stated to deputies that at one point they stopped by her house in Pensacola.  When she came back out of the house, she says that Wright was gone.

During the investigation, deputies obtained bank records for McArthur that revealed that on August 16 McArthur deposited a cashier’s check for $34,000 in Wrights name into her account.  The report states that the money has since been spent.

On October 19th deputies searched the property of Ashley McArthur on Britt road in the cantonment area and found human remains in a “clandestine” grave covered with concrete just west of the property.  A specific necklace belonging to Wright was found with the remains.

Ashley McArthur remains behind bars with no bond charged with 2nd-degree murder.



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