Double Murder Suspect Released From Solitary Confinement

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

A man accused of two seemingly unrelated murders is back in court on a charge of domestic violence.  We’re learning more about what Richard Jones has been accused of doing while behind bars.  He was arrested by Mobile Police a month ago and charged with two summertime murders.

Today’s court hearing was not focusing on the murder cases, but a domestic violence charge leveled against the suspect back in August. A Mobile Police Officer testified Jones was in a car with an ex-girlfriend and asked for her cell phone lock code. When she wouldn’t give it to him, that’s when prosecutors say he hit her and tried to strangle her. The defense arguing the timing of these allegations is strange.

“These two have a history of fighting, she has never filed a complaint before so it’s interesting that it’s happened now all of it will be covered on the murder hearings on November 9th,” said Defense Lawyer Michael McDuffie.  The judge said there was enough evidence to send this case to the grand jury. One new thing we learned this morning is the fact that Richard Jones has been kept in solitary confinement at Mobile Metro Jail for some time. The judge allowed Jones out of solitary on the assurance he would no longer contact witnesses and victims connected to some of the cases pending against him. Also, the state accused Jones of using friends to do the same thing.

Jones will be back in court on November 9th for a preliminary hearing on the two murder charges against him. Police say he killed 37-year-old Eppie Farris in June and Christopher Coleman in July.

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