BREAKING: Seven Students Transported in Crash Between School Buses

UPDATE 5:40 pm — The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency issued a correction on the number of injured students. An updated release says seven students were injured and transported. An earlier release by the agency stated 15 students were transported for observation or treatment of injuries.

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Two school buses carrying students have collided on Lott Road in Mobile, sending seven students to the hospital.

News 5 is told a car stopped short on Lott Road around 3:15pm on Wednesday, with the two school buses behind the vehicle rear-ending one another.  More than a dozen students were treated at the scene and 15 were transported to hospitals. All were minor injuries.

The two buses were transporting students from Mary G. Montgomery High School and Semmes Middle School.

The buses did not appear to have suffered serious damage, other than a bent bumper on the back bus.

This is a breaking news story… more to follow…


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