Mayor Stimpson on BayBears: Mobile Will Make a Bid with New Owners to Keep Team


Speaking before city council, Mayor Sandy Stimpson said Tuesday the city of Mobile will make a pitch to the new owners of the BayBears to keep the team in town. “Until it is a done deal I hope the City of Mobile will be in play. We will make our pitch to the new owner, whomever that may be, that we would like for them to stay in Mobile.”  Mayor Stimpson said the city has had issues with the current owner and is looking forward to working with a new owner until Mobile is no longer “in the hunt.”

Original Story: 

MOBILE, Ala. – Here’s what we know, the Mobile BayBears will be playing at Hank Aaron Stadium next year.

The team sent News 5 the following statement:

Regarding the reports of the approval of the sale of the BayBears and potential relocation, I will defer to the Southern League office for any comments on this matter.

I can say, with 100% certainly, the BayBears will be playing in Mobile at Hank Aaron Stadium in 2018 and our staff looks forward to staging a great experience for those who attend BayBears games next season.

This comes after reports suggested the team had been sold to the new owners hoping to relocate the team.

The Southern League tells News 5 the sale isn’t final at this time:

The sale of the Mobile franchise is incomplete at this time, and until the sales process is complete, we will have no further comment.

News 5 Sports Reporter Robby Baker spoke with City of Mobile Director of Communications and External Affairs George Talbot Monday afternoon.

Talbot tells Robby that the city will do what it takes to keep baseball in our area.

“We’re going to be actively doing all we can to keep professional baseball here in Mobile. Mobile is a great baseball town. As everyone knows, we have more Hall of Famers per capita than any city in America. Great tradition of baseball here,” said Talbot. “It’s a great part of the fabric of our city and something we want to keep for a long time to come.”

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