VIDEO: Tropical Storm Ophelia Hits Ireland’s Southern Coast, Claims Three Lives

GALWAY, IRELAND (CBS) — Three people have died as Tropical Storm Ophelia battered Ireland’s southern coast on Monday, knocking down trees and power lines and whipping up 30-foot waves.

Over 360,000 homes and businesses were left without electricity with another 100,000 outages expected by nightfall, Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board said, describing it as an unprecedented event that would affect every part of the country for days.

In Galway, an eyewitness recorded waves crashing into a flooded car park and flood water on the road and in Cork, an eyewitness recorded the roof of a building being carried by the strong winds.

The storm, downgraded from a hurricane overnight, was the worst to hit Ireland in half a century.

It made landfall after 10:40 a.m. (0940 GMT), the Irish National Meteorological Service said, with winds as strong as 110 mph hitting the most southerly tip of the country. Coastal flooding was likely.


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