Mother Wants to Spread Awareness About Choking Deaths at School

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Lindsay Hall is the mother of four-year-old Audi Anderson, the boy who choked on a meatball last month at Sherwood Elementary School. 
Hall says she was shocked when she found out her son had choked at school and she wants to spread awareness.

“My son was super awesome,” Hall said. “He was very loving and very caring.”

She says school officials thought her son had a seizure, but she soon found out that wasn’t the case.

“I overheard people,” Hall said. “But I didn’t really know until we got to Sacred Heart. That was about two hours later. That’s when they started to pull chunks of meatball out of his throat. Huge chunks.”

Hall says her son died four days later. She had to pull the ventilator.

“It’s awful to have to make that decision for your kid,” Hall said. “To know even if he does live, he’s brain dead. ”

Hall says her son always brightened every single day. She says she can’t remember having a bad day with Audi. Hall says her son always took care of her and she’s going to miss that.

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