Many Find Hope, Support At ‘Out of the Darkness’ Walk in Daphne


Daphne held its ‘Out of The Darkness’ walk Saturday afternoon, but much of it had to be moved indoors because of the rain. Nevertheless, it was still a moving event for those who attended.

For Katelynn Lott and her sister Allyssa Eaton, losing their stepfather was a sudden thing.

“There wasn’t very many signs. We knew he had a lot of stuff on his mind, but we never really thought this was going to happen. It all happened in like a couple of days,” says Katelynn.

Troy Allen Gore was a fireman. Still in his 20’s, Gore committed suicide in 2012. Lott says she and her sister attended grief counseling and said it was difficult not to blame themselves.

She says she didn’t come to grips with what happened until over a year later.

“I was sitting in my room and then I just started crying, I couldn’t figure out why and all I could think about was him and it was just a lot,” says Katelynn.

Looking back, she says she wishes she had talked with someone sooner. As for her mother, Shannon, she says losing a loved one to suicide is unlike any other death. She begs those thinking about suicide to reach out and talk to someone—anyone.

“Because you won’t realize, when you’re gone, how drastically it will affect and hurt your children and your spouse, even your parents, but it tears your world completely in two,” says Shannon.

Katelynn started acting out in school after her stepfather’s death, she even got expelled. She sought help, and now through this walk, they realize there are not alone. Others understand what they’ve been through. And now that they know, they hope to help prevent more suicides going forward.

“Pay attention, there are signs, be aware. Learn them, know them. Get involved. Cause once it happens to you, it’s hard to come back from,” says Shannon.

All funds raised at the walk go to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This year, they have raised over $38,000.

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