Cleanup Continues on Dauphin Island After Hurricane Nate

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Alabama (WKRG) – One week after Hurricane Nate, cleanup continues on Dauphin Island.  Many residents who have property on the west end of the island are just now getting access to their homes. City crews have been working hard to remove the sand and water that covered nearly three miles of Bienville Boulevard. Crews are now working to move sand off the side streets.

“I think they’re doing a fabulous job between the city and the extra contractors that are coming in,” said Domenic Carlucci. “They cleaned everything out as fast as they could, actually faster than they thought they would be able to do it.”

Residents tell News 5 they were shocked by the amount of sand that covered the roadway following the storm.

“I couldn’t believe it, said Bill Morgan. “My house got blown away by Katrina 10 years ago and I have never seen so much sand.”

While Bienville Boulevard is passable, the west end remains closed to the public. A police check-point remains at  Rapheal Semmes which requires a re-entry pass.

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