Couple Thanks God for Hurricane Nate Flooding

Damage from Hurricane Nate may seem minimal in some areas, but in the Dog River area, flood waters poured into homes.  Bruce and June Griffith returned home to find feet of water after the hurricane passed.  Now, the couple is thanking God as they rip out parts of the walls in their new home.

The Griffith’s bought the home on Dog River just four weeks ago.  When they heard a storm was coming in, they never would have guessed they’d be thankful for what the waters uncovered.

A beautiful home, in a beautiful location.  The house was a place for the two love birds to spend their almost retirement together, with plenty of room for their families to visit.

“We were blessed that we didn’t have everything in here yet,” said Bruce Griffith.  “We were in here but we didn’t have everything in yet so that made it… We were able to get everything up so all we lost was drywall and that’s easy to replace so we’re blessed.”

After seventeen years of marriage, the Griffith’s say they were prepared to work together and work with God.  They knew there would be damage.  They didn’t know they’ be thankful.

“Look over here,” Griffith said, guiding News 5’s Hayley Minogue through his home.  “See all in here… All here was mold and stuff that was left by a previous owner, and he should have cleaned it up but he didn’t. So we’re blessed that we caught it in time and we wouldn’t have to live in this.”

Years old mold filled the walls of the home, their home, where they want to grow old together.

“I’m having to wear a mask and everything in here because it’s not good to be breathing this stuff,” Bruce said.  “It could cause a lot of illnesses and stuff like that.”

With full flood insurance coverage, the Griffith’s will scrub the mold out of their home.  It’ll be a fresh beginning and solid foundation for the rest of their lives together.

“I don’t live in the past,” Bruce said.  “I’m not worried about it now. Like I said, we’re blessed.  It’s just a blessing cause were gonna fix it. We don’t have to worry about it.  We don’t have to think about it because its gonna be taken care of.”

The Griffiths are staying in the upstairs portion of their home while they work to fix up the ground floor.  They were able to move the few belongings they had already moved into the home up there before the flooding began.

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